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Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Associations

There are many other neighbourhood associations in Vancouver who are doing incredible work to represent the voices of their communities. We encourage you to visit their websites and find out more about what’s happening across this diverse city.

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

The following excerpt is taken from an article written about the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods by Yolande Cole in The Georgia Straight.

“A new coalition of community groups has formed in Vancouver, aimed at making changes to the city’s planning process.

Jak King, a spokesperson for the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, said the 18 groups currently involved in the initiative will work to create “a new planning and development paradigm”, which they will bring forward before the November 2014 civic election.

“The neighbourhoods have to be at the centre of it,” King told the Straight by phone. “They have to be involved, and the neighbourhoods have to have influence. What we’re seeing right now is we have a form of engagement, but there is no influence, there’s no real genuine involvement—and that’s what we need to change.”

King said proposals outlined in the “emerging directions” for the four neighbourhood plans that are currently underway were what prompted the formation of the coalition…

“So it felt suitable to include as many neighbourhoods as we can, so that the city understands that they’re not just dealing with a problem with one neighbourhood at a time. We all have the same issues, and we want something done about it.”…

The new coalition features resident groups from communities across the city, including Arbutus Ridge, the Downtown Eastside, Dunbar, False Creek, Grandview-Woodland, Marpole, Mount Pleasant, Oakridge Langara, and the West End.

King said the groups will continue to meet about once a month as the coalition works to produce “a comprehensive planning strategy”.

“This is an attempt to be positive,” he said. “We want to regain the initiative in planning by creating a positive atmosphere between the city and the neighbourhoods, which is exactly what we don’t have right now. We have a very negative relationship, and we need to sort that out.”

Resources for Community Action

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can make change happen! These resources will help you learn about becoming active in your community and find ways to connect with others in your neighbourhood.


2 comments on “Links and Resources

  1. Mary Bennett
    March 5, 2014

    Would appreciate your adding Kitsilano Neighbourhood House kitshouse.org if that fits your criteria.

    • Surya
      March 5, 2014

      Absolutely! It fits our criteria and you are on the list for the update…coming soon! Thanks for being in touch.

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