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About This Site

This site is maintained by volunteers. Content is created and updated by members of the West Kitsilano Residents Association.

Photographs are generously shared by the following photographers:

  • Silmara Alvi
  • Larry Benge
  • Archie Campbell
  • Surya Govender
  • Linda Light
  • Jan Pierce
  • Randy Sharp

The logo for West Kitsilano Residents Association was developed by Isla Francis and Jean Gordon.

The site was created by Surya Govender on WordPress using the Suburbia Theme.


One comment on “About This Site

  1. Margaret Vossen
    May 15, 2016


    I read with great interest your issue with noise, etc. from the basketball courts at Kitsilano beach. I am in a similar situation here in my home in Vancouver. A church next door to us, has laid down asphalt and erected 3 basketball hoops that can be accessed at anytime, by anyone.

    I cannot begin to emphasize how this has severely limited the use of my backyard and the enjoyment of my home. This is the first time today…6:15 that I am able to sit in my backyard and not be subjected to the constant thumping noise. At times there are 6-7 people playing. Just a side note…you can walk 3 blocks in any direction and hit at least 5 schools or parks that have basketball hoops erected for public use.

    I was wondering if someone from your association might be kind enough to speak to me regarding your issue with the city, and perhaps give me some insight into our noise bylaws and the rights of residents.


    Margaret Vossen

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