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Let us know what you think! We welcome your thoughts on community issues. To respect everyone’s time, please keep posts brief and to the point. Any inappropriate or disrespectful posts will not be tolerated, and will be removed.


A Word on Comments

We would like our web site to be a welcoming space for intelligent and appropriate discussion. When the environment is constructive, everyone benefits.

Westkitsresidents.com is a community-based, volunteer-run website. Please note that your comments may take a few days to appear on the site.

To these ends, we have adopted the following rules:

1. We welcome debate and dissent but personal attacks, insults and threatening language and bullying will not be tolerated.

2. We will distinguish between constructive, focused argument and inappropriate attacks.

3. We reserve the right to curtail conversations or decline to post comments when they become toxic. We will not post content that some might find offensive or intimidating.

4. We ask that participants comment with maturity and consideration for other users and ask that all participants take responsibility for the quality of the conversation.

Comments may be closed on posts older than 30 days.

Please remember to keep your comments concise and to the point.

Thank you.



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