West Kitsilano Residents' Association

Our Community, Our City

Our Structure and Operations


Membership and Mailing Lists

The WKRA consists of an elected executive, including a chair and members-at-large. Executive members and the chair are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership is open to all West Kitsilano residents who agree with the goals of the organization. A one-time payment of ten dollars is requested of all members. In addition to its membership list, the WKRA maintains an email list of people who are interested in issues related to West Kitsilano. Periodically, information will be sent out to members and to those on this wider mailing list.


In accordance with the requirements of the BC Society Act, the WKRA holds an AGM for the election of officers and a review of finances. In addition to this AGM, meetings are held on an as-needed basis to address internal and/or community issues. Meetings are informal. However, efforts are made to keep brief minutes that record primarily action items and persons responsible for those actions. In addition, efforts are made to document internal WKRA policy decisions and positions on issues and to file these in a policy binder.

Members of the executive are expected to attend a minimum of half the meetings called. Failure to do so may result in removal from the executive, on either a temporary or a permanent basis.

In addition, the WKRA on occasion sponsors public meetings to focus on issues of particular importance to our community or joins with other Kitsilano or Vancouver neighbourhood organizations for this purpose.

Furthermore, when appropriate, members of the WKRA meet with City or other officials, and attend public hearings and City Council or Board meetings to present the views of the WKRA on behalf of our members.


We strive to make all decisions by consensus. However, if consensus cannot be reached, decisions are made by an executive or membership vote. A vote must be 60% in favour for a decision to be made or a position to be adopted.

Depending on the circumstances, decisions will be made in person or via email. All reasonable efforts will be made to include all executive members or all WKRA members in a vote; however, if reasonable efforts fail to elicit responses from everyone, then a decision will be made by those present and/or those who respond by email or some other means.

One comment on “Our Structure and Operations

  1. John Donaldson
    May 2, 2014

    My neighbour, Peter Ladner, and I have been skylarking about organizing a PGR block part for this summer. I suspect that an appropriate beginning, if there is interest, would be to form a small committee to commit to the viability of such an event (or not) and to proceed with planning (or not). As I am not well connected in the community, I will appreciate hearing from some of you who are and think this idea is worth pursuing.
    John Donaldson,
    3480 Point Grey Road, phone 732 5313, email: mrjohndonaldson@gmail.com.

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