West Kitsilano Residents' Association

Our Community, Our City

Our Neighbourhood Goals

Our central goal is to retain the character of the West Kitsilano neighbourhood and enhance its success, livability, and sense of community  for both homeowners and renters.

In order to meet that goal we work to:

  • Retain and enhance the sense of community that has made Kitsilano such a welcoming place to live.
  • Ensure that development meets the intent of existing zoning, including especially zoning by-laws RT7 and RT8 that focus on retention of character, built form, high quality design, and neighbourliness, and zoning of our commercial districts along 4th Avenue and Broadway.
  • Retain green space, including trees (both publicly and privately owned) and gardens.
  • Retain character and heritage buildings, both private and public, including renovating, re-using, and re-purposing these buildings where appropriate.
  • Retain diversity and affordability in our neighbourhood by encouraging the retention of rental suites within existing buildings. Continue to recognize the housing requirements of seniors and those with special needs in our neighbourhood.
  • Ensure that changes to transportation patterns and modes meet the needs of the majority of West Kitsilano residents and small business owners and do not negatively impact community livability.
  • Retain and improve our status as an environmentally friendly and sustainable neighbourhood by seeking ways to reduce harmful human impacts on the natural environment.
  • Ensure that any plans to increase density in West Kitsilano take advantage of existing opportunities for densification within current zoning.

We welcome your comments. To respect everyone's time, please keep your posts under 500 words. All comments are subject to moderation.

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