West Kitsilano Residents' Association

Our Community, Our City

Challenges for the Future

Major issues face our neighbourhood.

  • Decisions about proposed rapid transit along the Broadway corridor will have a profound influence on our community, both for our unique commercial districts along Broadway and for the surrounding streets.
  • A proposed Kitsilano community planning process will undoubtedly include many challenges for West Kitsilano Residents, especially given the recent history of community planning processes, densification efforts, and changes to transportation networks in other city neighbourhoods.
  • Continuing pressures for development and redevelopment require strong neighbourhood involvement to ensure that change retains the qualities that make our neighbourhood so livable and so successful.
  • Siesmic upgrading of our neighbourhood schools is resulting in unintended consequences, including loss of important heritage buildings.
  • The Point Grey Road/Cornwall corridor plan, including closure of Point Grey Road, will result in significant changes to traffic patterns throughout our neighbourhood.

We realize that change is inevitable in every community in Vancouver and that increasing population pressures will result in an increase in density, in challenging public transit decisions, and in other related issues. We support the increase in densities in our neighbourhood that the present zoning allows and are open to further discussions with the City to consider other possibilities which will meet our stated neighbourhood goals.

Kitsilano has a long tradition of community activism that is well-known throughout the city. We invite the City to work with us in a true partnership to find solutions to the challenges that face us all.

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